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Iran is a four-season country and each season has three months While it is winter time, you may ski and enjoy winter beauties in Iran and spring, summer and fall climate at the same time in other provinces of Iran. This is clearly shown in the table of distances, temperature and humidity. We are ready for rendering appropriate services having various airlines, transportation means for tourism, 2-5 star restaurants and hotels with cooling and central heating systems and there are asphalt roads and trains available. 

 Humidity table of cities in Iran Click here

 Distances table of cities in Iran Click here


 Four Season 

Spring    Summer


Autumn    Winter


F . A . Q

1-Do women have to dress chador?
No, it is not necessary to wear a chador unless one want to
Long as their knees. there are no limitations on the color or material.

2_Do women have to wear scarf?
Yes, the headscarf should cover the hair.

3-Is it forbidden to wear a tie or a bow –tie?
No, it is not

4- Are men allowed to wear snort trousers ?
NO, they are not allowed.

5-Is it possible to bring alcoholic beverages to Iran?
No, it is forbidden to bring and enjoy alcohol.
It is well worth mentioning that narcotic is strictly forbidden.

6-Is it safe to drink the water from the tap?
The tap water is drinkable but it is not contains minerals.
It is recommended to have mineral water.

7-What is the Iranian currency ?
It is Rial. in daily trade ,Iranians use an older unit called “toomans”
is the unit for 10 Rials.

8-Where can I exchange money?
You can exchange at the airport or any bank or exchange at shop’s.

9-is it possible to pay by a credit card?
Yes, masters card and visa card are accepted in most
5 star hotels and in some shops.

10-Are there telephone, fax E- mail and Internet?
Yes, there are , except mobile telephone most of
5 star hotels and in some shops.

11-Are women allowed to drive within Iran?
Yes, they allowed.

12-Are international driving licenses accepted by the police?
Yes . they are.

13-Are roads in good condition?
Yes, they are.

14-Is it necessary to keep the copy of the form after stamping by
passport control of the airport?
Yes, please keep it until the day of your departure ,when it will be collected by the passport control again .in case you lose your copy ,please let the guide know.

15-Can I have handy cam or recording device?

Yes, please announce it at the custom ,so that you receive a filming permits for Iran.

16- Are there international mail services?
Yes, there are.

17-Are there taxis or local transports available?
Yes, there are, but no taximeters in most of them , it is advisable to agree one a fare before hand. the majority of the taxi are a little more expensive than street. for traveling between the cities one use taxi services buses, railway and air craft.

18-Is the power supply 220 volt 50 cycles AC?
Yes, it is .the power socket outlets are 2 round circles in which
A plug with two pins can be inserted.

19- Are there English newspaper and magazines?
Yes, there are.

20-Are you allowed to take photos of military areas or some holy places?
No, you are not.

21-Do must police speak English?
No, most of them only speak Farsi, but they are very helpful.
About tourism police speak English.

22-can I take photos of religious Iranian families, specially women?
No, please ask before taking photos.

23-What is the weekend holidays?
Weekend holidays are Thursday & Friday.

24- At which times the banks are open?
Banks are open at: 07:30 A.M to 04 P.M.

25-Which kind of weather Iran’s country have?
Iran has known for the country of 4 seasons and each time of the
Year you can have different tour to Iran or at winter you can
Experience summer.



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