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Majzoub Gasht Travel Agency, your honest counselor and executor in: 

Tours and visiting different countries of the world.

Making reservation in hotel, facilities of obtaining visa, transport and transfer, choosing the time and the place, ....

Participating in: Exhibition, Scientific and athletic competitions, Congresses, Seminars and ....

A list of several tourism tours are as follow:

Dubai, Sharjeh, Abuzabi, Kuwait, Lebanon.

India (Bumbaii, Delhi, Agra)

China (Pikan, Shang-hay)

Thailand (Bankuk), Malaysia, Singapore

Turkey (Istanbul, Antalia, Boorsa)

Cyprus (Larnaka, Nikozia, Limasol)

Egypt (Ghahereh)

Greece (Aten)

Bulgaria (Verna, Soofia)

Russia (Sanpiterzburg, Moscow)

Spain (Madrid, Barselona)

Italy (Rome, Veniz, Florance)

France (Niss, Paris, Munaco)

And the tours on order.



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