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Eco-Tourism situation in IRAN, at first, raised from topography in high pressure region next to continent. Normally, we accept, the countries located in high pressure regions, have dry and semidry weather and life depends on these conditions. But some of Tectonic factors including: foldings of first, second, and third period of geology caused to become IRAN as one of the highest plateaues in the world .In our extensive country 5% region protected by subsist Environment Safeguarding Organization, that including National Parks, Wild nature shelters and Ijternational and national protective areas. In addition, existence of the biggest lake in north (1200 kilometers Sea shore with Persian Gulf), 50 lakes in side the country.

Orumyeh and the biggest salty lake, isone of the 59 life reseruoirs in the world.  The luxuriant and dense forests locats located in north and west of  Mazandaran are considered as the ancient ones.The biggest Kavir (DASHT KAVIR) and and the existence of extensive deserts which wind blowing sand and hot weather air amongest their specifications. These are various customs and rules and diffenrent living styles in thousands years according to Iran's climate (e.g decamping method), existence of two mountainous race grounds covering an area of 500 square kilometers and nearly 100/000 km. Covered by forest race grounds, the possibility of doing sports (water and mountainou) simultaneously in a season,   scope changes of heights changes from 26 up to 5671 meter and changes of temperature from –35 up to +50 centigrade, existence of one of the biggest sweet water Lakes) (HAMOUN),495 kinds of recognized birds that's equal to all birds in Europe except polar birds: existence of 148 kinds of the mammals, more than  250 kinds of recognized fishes and also 8000 kinds of recognized Herbs and nearly equal to Europe types of  Herbs.

Existence of lagoons, pools, ponds, water falls, lakes, views, gardens, plains, rice-fields, fountains, hunting-grounds, cold and warm mineral springs, islands, peninsulas, archipelagoes, caves, villages. All above mentioned phenomenon’s caused to every one believes is miraculous Iran's eco-tourism and accept this phrase that “IRAN Is All The World In One Border”.

“It’s our great honor that you accept our invitation” 






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