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With expansion of Islam in Iran, the tombs of Imams (descendants of Islam prophet and religious leaders in Shiite) were gradually Emam Rezachanged to places of pilgrimage and shrines. Subsequently, people and religious leaders constructed suitable and outstanding buildings in these places. These buildings or Imamzadehs have unique architectural styles.

The most famous artists of the time, with making use of existing possibilities, portrayed their skills, arts and genius in construction and ornament of these places. These genius and talents are reflected in most of such buildings.

The places of pilgrimage in Iran are divided into two categories:

1. the places with international fame like the sacred Shrine of His Holiness Imam Reza in Mashad city and the shrine of  Her Holiness Masoomeh in Qom. The social and economic life of these two cities is interlocked with the existence of these shrines.

2. The places with local and regional fame. These places of pilgrimage are scattered in different parts of which the most important ones are: the Shrine of  His Holiness Ahmad-ebn-Moosa famous as Shah Cheraq in Shiraz; the Shrine of His Holiness Abdol-Azim in Shahr Ray (south of Tehran city); and Mausoleum of Danial in susa (Shoosh).


In Addition to sites, there live in Iran other religious minorities like Sunnites, Zooastrians, Assyrians, Armenians and Jewish who have their own sacred religious places. Here some of these places, which are important from tourism point of view, are pointed out:


Shrine of His Holiness Imam Reza in Mashad city and the shrine of  Her Holiness Masoomeh in Qom Click here

Sunnites, Zooastrians, Assyrians, Armenians and Jewish Click here


A number of interesting religious tours: 


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Hazrat Ali-Ibn-Mousalreza pilgrimage tour
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Hazrat Fatemeh Masoomeh pilgrimage tour
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Any tours on order 

The pilgrimage tours are planned from 7 to 16 days. The tours are planned by 
Majzoub Gasht Travel Agency with best transportation means (air, train, bus, 
passenger cars and touristsí transport). The roads are asphalt and there are 
accommodation and reception facilities in 1 to 5 star traditional and modern 
hotels. Experienced tour leaders who are familiar with the religious and 
pilgrimage ceremonies and formalities are available. The museums, historical 
monuments, Islamic architecture and natural landscapes (mountains, plains, 
deserts, Caspian coast and Kish Island) are in visiting programs of the tours. 



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