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Zoroastrians of Iran, who mostly live in Yazd and Tehran, annually go to Persepolis, Naghsh-e-Rostam, Tagh Bostan and Bistoon for their religious ceremonies, and rituals. The old Azargoshasb fire-temple in Takht-e-Solayman, Kashmar Tower in Khorasan, and Orumyeh Lake are other sacred places of Zoroastrians.

Armenians travel  to Tatawoos Church, located in siah Cheshmeh close to makoo, in summers for pilgrimage. In addition to 13 churches in jolfa (Isfahan city), which are sacred places for Armenians, many other historical charches in other parts of the country may be pointed out like many old charches in Azarbaijan (of which the most beautiful is St. Stephan Church), Salmas, and Makoo.

The most important places of pilgrimage of the Jews is the tomb of Ester and Mardkhay in Hamadan.






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