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Iran, due to its historical background and sustainable social and cultural evolution, has a lot of diverse worth-seeing sites, which satisfy all kinds of tourists with different tastes. Every tourist, whatever his incentive, may find many spectacular places based on his taste. It should not be forgotten that the best way for recognition of every country and its people is direct contact with them.

Iranians are famous for hospitality, compassion, and generosity. It is easily possible to go in Iranians' homes with a slight acquaintance with them to become familiar with their life style, attitudes, livelihood, and many of their unwritten characteristics.

Remained historical monuments, which belong to different periods of human settlement in the plateau of Iran, along with diverse natural, coastal, mountainous, and nomadic landscapes, make a coordinated and attractive combination for every tourist.

The ancient Iranian culture, which is reflected in historical and architectural heritage, has brought about many worth-seeing places. The culture of today’s Iran is a perfect aggregate of near and far past of this territory and everybody can satisfy his intellectual and aesthetic needs according to his tastes through visiting this wide and rich country. The existing historical monuments in Persepolis, Passargad, Susa, Hamedan, Kermanshah, Firoozabad, Syraf and many other ancient centers of Iranian civilization, are the incentives enough for visiting this country.

The natural environment of Iran, with more than 2,500 kilometers of coasts and water borders as well as high mountains of Alborz and Zagross supplies high recreational and tourism potentials. The shores of the Caspian Sea in the north and the coasts of the Persian Gulf and sea of Oman in the south are suitable places as recreational resort in summer and winter. The islands of the Persian Gulf like kish, Qeshm, and Hormoz, With suitable shores and beaches as well as pleasant

Sunshine may be used in vacation even in winters. There are daily and regular flights to this region

from several  parts of the country as well as suitable accommodation facilities.

Moreover, these islands are easily accessible   through waterway by different types of ships and boats. The mountion slopes in Iran, along with economic value for nomads, are summer residence of urban dwellers as well as suitable places for winter and mountain sports.

One of the most important recreational and natural attractions of Iran is thermal springs and shores of Orumyeh Lake and its sludge, which are famous for their therapeutic characteristics.

Orumyeh Lake, covering an area of 4-6 thousand square kilometers (depending on dry and rainy seasons), long shores and very high salinity of 30%, is one of the important recreational and sludge therapy centers of the country, which is not used very much.

Bathing in the thermal springs of the region as well as the sludge of these springs and their therapeutic virtues, witch is called water/sludge therapy, have their own place in medical sciences. This lake and its Island, witch are totally categorized as National Park by the Department of the environment are the habitats of several species of wildlife both endemic and migratory, and unique from natural environment point of view. So Orumyeh Lake National Park is one of the valuable eco – tourism potentials, which can be used by interested people.

The desert regions of Iran have their own tourism attractions, which are very interesting.  These regions, witch were the passing place of merchant caravans between east and west of Iran in past time, encompass the remains of hundreds of Iran old caravansaries and water reservoir. The natural landscape of Kavir (desert), with running sands, stone plains, salty lands, salt rivers, scattered large and small oases, to tally supply a dry but attractive nature which is very spectacular.












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