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Iranian tribes differ in terms of their accommodation, dialect, handicrafts, music, local dance, moving paths for winter and summer stay and historical background, each group having its special tourism manifestation. 
Iranian tribes are made of 96 independent ethnic groups and their population is amounted to 1,152,099; however, this number is being decreased by increasing settlement. 

Iranian tribes are found in north, east, northeast and the entire parts of west Iran, southeast Iran and central region. 
The Iranian tribes consist of: Bakhtiari, Kohgiloyeh and Bouyerahmad, 
Ghashghaei, Mamasani, Khamseh, Arab, Ilam, Lorestan, Torkman, Khorasan, Semnan, Central province and Qom, Kurdistan, Kermanshah, Shahsavan, Shateranlou, Arasabaran, West Azerbaijan, Talesh and Roudbar, Hamadan, Zanjan and Qazvin, 
Sistan and Baluchestan and Kerman tribes and Iranian gypsies. 
It can be said that the tribes and ethnic groups safeguard the ancient Iranian traditions and mode of life through carrying out a shepherd-like life and keep those traditions and beliefs alive. This is the reason behind the high interest shown by tourists, particularly professional ones to visit this group. 












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