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Iranian Rural Manifestations


Diversity of natural environment and ethnical combination of Iran have caused the appearance of diverse forms of ancient rural settlements different in different aspects. Amongst rural settlements in Iran, there exist some unique types, which cause wonder in every viewer, villages, which portray an interesting and wonderful visage of old Iranian civilization.

Among hundreds of wonderful villages in Iran, only a few ones like Masooleh, Kandavan, and Abyaneh are introduced and gained worldwide reputation. The number of these villages, which each of them at least holds one wonderful monument, reaches to 500 types. These village are interesting for their geographical situation, architectural style, and multiplicity of historical monuments and places of pilgrimage. The villages of Eshtobin, Saghandal in East Azerbaijan; Ghara Kelisa (Black Church) and Nosrat Abad in West Azerbaijan; Karkhoran and Anar in Ardebil; Ghaleh Sangi and Niasar in Isfahan; Gisoo Bala, Bazangan, and Jajarm in Khorasan; Arjan, Shahsavar, and Gatvand in Khuzestan; Chelgard, Shalamzar in Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari; Garmab and Tashvir in Zanjan; Shahmirzad, Faroomad, and Mehman Doost in Semnan; Chanof, Tabas, and Boog in Sistan and Baluchistan; Eaje, Sarmashad, and Shostegan in Fars; Hamzeghan and Aveh in Qom; Harzvil, Sirvan, and Gazorkhan in Qazvin; Ourman Takht and Negel in Kurdistan; Ali Sadr and Darjazin in Hamedan; Shahdad and Anar in Kerman; Bisotoon and Ravansar in Kermanshah; Margoon and Landeh in kohgilooyeh and Boirahmad; Masooleh and Hasan Kyadeh in Gilan; Kamandan and Malavi in Lorestan; Yoosh, Kandlaus and Ryneh in Mazandaran; Khorheh, Dodehak, and Meshed Ardhal in Markazi; Looza, Basaidoo, and Laft in Hormozgan; Khormoj and Ahrom in Boushehr; and Ghotrom , Khormiz, Zaidabad, Mansha Ezzabad in Yazd are amongst the wonderful villages of Iran which visiting of them is unforgettable and memorable.






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